No Excuses


– No more excuses.
– We create our lives with our thoughts with what we say. 
– Observe yourself and find your patterns
– Stop the skipping record, because you are putting yourself down.
– Nobody wants to hear your excuse. 

Do you find yourself making excuses a lot? Are you one of those people who says “I’m sorry” a lot? As we practice observing our thoughts and what we say, we will begin to see patterns, and within these patterns lies the key that we need to change our lives. Our thoughts and our speech actually create our lives.

Yes we really do create our lives, whether we want to own up to it or not. This is a simple proven fact. At first, like many people, I was hesitant to believe this, because my life was a long way from where I wanted it to be. I did not want to take responsibility for my life, but frankly, this was the last house on the block for me, as I had tried every other way known to man to be happy and to get what I wanted. I began to watch my thoughts and to be aware of what I would say to people during the day, and sure enough, I began to see that a lot of my thoughts weren’t positive at all, and that a lot of what came out of my mouth was complaining and making excuses. Even when I was being nice and had a smile on my face, negativity lurked underneath the surface in such a way that I was shocked.

The starting point is to look for the broken record. Most of us have one excuse that we use over and over, or we just say “I’m sorry” over and over. With me it was “Well what do you expect, I’m a musician.” I used this excuse if I was late for an appointment, if I didn’t have enough money to pay a bill, if I didn’t feel like cutting the grass, I used it every day and more than one time every day. It was my constant apology and excuse for everything.

I invite you to observe yourself, to seek out your patterns, and find out where your record skips. Every time the record skips, you are putting yourself down. In my own case, I decided to stop my record from skipping. I took away my excuse and was not allowed to use it under any circumstances. I began to learn how to say “I’ll do it when I get around to it.” “I apologize for being late, but I’m here now so let’s get down to business.” and “I will pay you as soon as I can”. It wasn’t long before I realized that for most of my life, I had been walking up to people and confronting situations everywhere I went with “I am lazy, no good, not very smart, and I don’t make enough money.” Also, I noticed that when I stopped using my excuse, nobody ever asked me for it. Nobody cares about my excuse and nobody really wants to hear my excuse.

It gets even better. Stay tuned for the next blog!
Many blessings to you,


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