Namaste … today I see more clearly


Namaste  today I see more clearly
by Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, LPC, EEM-AP 

I acknowledge there is room
for all the Gods and Goddesses
in the immaculate, eternal
Garden of my Soul.

I awake, mid-dream, to pee,
to see that what I feared,
is there not being room for me.
Observing the mirror,
and the reflection –
the reaction, and the lesson.

I clear my mind,
opening my inner eye,
making room in my heart,
I remember that we all
come here now out of Love.

A compassion, immeasurable,
out from the One-ness, the mist,
in to form. And in this moment,
for forever, I acknowledge
your infinite, Loving
heart, and Soul.

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, and also clairvoyant, clairsentient, and empath from early memory – especially so, since a car accident which left me with a memory that I never shared for years, that of a visitation of a good friend who had died in a car accident 2 weeks earlier. I was 16, that winter morning, out in the rainy dark, on my way to school.

Like me, he had been hit and killed by an out-of-control driver, and there he was, calmly reassuring me as my car spun, the crackle of crushed metal still fresh, reverberating through me, yet windows blown out, broken glass all around, I had not a scratch. The lady who helped free me from the other side of my car kept repeating “There must have been Angels between you and that door.” Definitely.

Most of my early life I kept my insights to myself – and it is only now, doing this sacred work in the deepest energetic levels of helping my clients to connect with truth, to evolve, and heal – that I find myself awakening to even deeper layers of a Spiritual calling, and know it is even more important to share my insights in the world of Energy, Spirit, and healing that are intrinsic to releasing trauma – and creating a world of Peace and Love.

What I know, that is always clear, is to listen to Spirit – my guidance that never sends me in the wrong direction! You may find yourself in a situation where you have an insight or knowing, or a fear. Take a breath, slow it down as you exhale, calming your mind – choose to remain open. Pay attention! Ask questions! It is good to wonder, and be curious.

As we develop, we all need tools to stay clear, grounded, and centered – and to listen to that higher and inner wisdom. The good news is that we can bring balance directly by working in our Energy Systems, which are as real as our physical organs, blood, and bones. This gentle work is critical. We are all, as I write in my poem above, both,

the mirror, and the reflection – the reaction, and the lesson.”

As we work with our own energies, we get stronger, and can become more gentle and clear. We can learn to respond to life, rather than to automatically react – to make wise choices. We learn what matters – we learn to hear our Heart and Soul. We remember we are all connected. We are One. And we enter into the fullness of being-ness. Namaste!

Did you know we all have trauma? We heal, not just by observing and shifting our thoughts, but also by clearing emotional and cellular pain. Ellen loves to facilitate bringing balance to body, mind & Spirit for her clients. You can learn about Ellen’s work @ –  and on her Facebook page, @

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kyle says:

Ellen, thank you so much for this beautiful poem and story!