My Resolution for 2015


OSHO relolutionIt might be a strange idea, but can we consider that we are perfect just like we are?

I probably should cut back on my coffee drinking, could be a lot more adamant about exercise and working out, and I could probably be “better” at most things, but at what point do we say, “ENOUGH!”

At what point do we stop focusing on what we don’t do well enough?

How about being happy right now? How about loving ourselves right now, just the way we are right now?

Is there really such a need to push and force ourselves to do things that we really don’t want to do?

You are better off if you can just “be real.”

Sounds too easy doesn’t it?

So I will ask you the same question that I posed to those who were at our first service of Tybee Spirit; “If you tell me that God made you, then how can you think that there is something wrong with you???”

Go ahead and make your mental list. Of course I know that there are many many things wrong with you. There are many things that you should have that you don’t have. I know that you should be better than you are.

I’ve been conditioned by the same society that you have.

And it is all rubbish!!! We’ve been had.

Sitting here on this new years eve, I resolve to have no resolutions. I am just going to be happy and enjoy myself just like I am.

Take my word for it, just a few moments of everything being okay will be plenty to turn you from thinking that “everything needs improvement.”

It is all perfect.

Happy New Year from my family to yours!


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