My Personal Challenges


Over the next several months, I will be giving a talk in six different places, and there are more on the horizon. The talk is good, and now it is just a matter of delivering. “Be yourself”, “be funny”, “be present”, and “don’t lose your place!”. These are things I tell myself, even though none of it really matters. I wrote the talk and it has passed the inspection. It is from the heart, it is my soul on paper, and it is in good order. Most importantly to me; I mean it. I believe that if you want to do something, there is no better way to learn than by doing it.

Then to boot, I will be playing a lot of music. There will be concerts the night before, and then I will be playing during the service, in which I am giving the talk. Which songs do I play? Do I have the right guitar? Where is my metal slide? Is the guitar in the correct tuning for the song I want to play? There is a lot to keep up with, and then get up and talk like all is calm in the world.

Some of you know me better than others, and those of you who are fans of my music know that I have a new cd coming out. I know most of the songs pretty well, because I have been playing them for years. People asked for a recording of the band playing them, and so that is easy enough…. there are several brand new songs though. I mean new. We played them for the first time while recording them, and haven’t really played them since. I am hoping the new cd’s arrive before I leave for the show/talk in Tennessee, but if not, they will be here by the show at Unity of Savannah on September 21st.

My parents are coming this weekend, I am playing a gig Friday night, officiating a wedding on Saturday, speaking at the Tybee church on Sunday morning, and then leading a guided meditation on Sunday afternoon. Whew…. so I have to be careful. It isn’t hard for me to find something to worry about. I didn’t even mention the I.R.S. or the book I’m working on, or the yard, or spending quality time with my family.

All this is possible because of meditation. No doubt about it, if I didn’t go within and sit in total silence and peace every day, all these things would not be possible for me. When I catch myself getting nervous or anxious, I can now just back off. I can remind myself that “I just do what I do and that is all I have to do”. I can relax and stay in my calmness. (most of the time!) Not only am I going to remain calm, I am going to have fun and enjoy all these blessings! This is a great blessing. Joy! This is a dream come true for me. This is what I want to do, and it is what I am meant to do. As Russell (who plays drums) says; “Let’s keep it moving forward!”

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