My Meditation on May 28th 2014


kyle_ssi_006There is a longing for nothing in particular. Just a longing. My prayers are affirming my gratitude for health and abundance, and I feel grateful, but the words just disappear or become meaningless to me.

Longing or wanting is deeply embedded within me. I must let go or rid myself of it somehow, and this acute awareness is good.

I see visions of things I want but slowly I begin to see around them, or behind them.

Back there behind the visions is a small box. I am there with it and I open it and the experience with it isn’t as great as I thought it would be.

It is a little depressing to really realize that when and if I ever get what I want, I will just want more.

So I drop it and just sit. Now with no longing and no wanting. I just sit and I just am. This is most peaceful. The reality that there is nothing for me to do “out there” washes over and through me. It is a great let go, a great surrender.

Now as I write, I am very aware that the more time I spend in this great peace in meditation, the more I will experience this great peace in my daily life. My body and mind gets attuned to this vibration. I get used to it, get to know it. Then during the day I can just go back to it. I can share with you that you can drop your longing and your wanting. All is in Divine Order right now.

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