My Meditation May 29th 2014


It wasn’t a “bad” meditation. Nothing like the night before which was filled with those “magical” types of sensations.

I breathed deeply and held my breath for a while, and then slowly exhaled. That felt really good, so I did it again a few times. Then during the meditation I just sat and moved my attention from my stomach to my solar plexus, to my third eye, and to my heart.

An hour is three, twenty minute sections for me, and I can tell when the twenty minutes is up. I can feel myself going deeper in to relaxation. At the same time, there is my humanness, which says, “You are almost done!” “You can get out of here now!” As if there is somewhere to go.

Sometimes my humanness still gets the better of me and twenty minutes is all I can do, but this week, I have been able to do an hour pretty easily.

The bliss always comes, and last night it came during the final twenty minutes.

Calmness that is indescribable. I was sitting in a Universal sized pool that was a foot deep. I was the middle, and there were no ripples on the water. Only the great Stillness.

When you first experience this kind of stillness, it only lasts for in reality a few seconds. As a matter of fact, the stillness is something you sense even before you find it. When you find it, it is for very short intervals at first. Sometimes I can go in and out, but usually if I get there and then go out again, I’m out.

Time passes really quickly when your mind isn’t at work. Last night my final twenty minute section went very quickly.

“So what?” you may ask. “What is the big deal?”

The big deal is that I am laughing. Not in an angry way, but in a joyful way. Life is a lot less stressful for me than it used to be. In life, we actually list things in order or priority, and what that means for most of us is exactly what we say with our words, “First let’s worry about this, and then we’ll worry about that later.”

What would life be like with no worries? I am often guilty of thinking that if I had a lot of money, then I’d have no worries, but this is not what people who already have a lot of money describe. They say that in fact, along with the money, comes more worries.

Meditation allows me time with no worries. Everything is okay just like it is right now.

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