My Meditation June 1st-2nd 2014


Last night my body expanded. It was really a surprise, as I’d never experienced this sensation before. At moments it was as if I was standing in water up to my neck but then my body just felt as if it was maybe 4-5 feet away from me. It was a really nice sensation.

What seemed to come to me last night was that it is very easy to lose site of the fact that I already have it all. I already do what I want. I already have what I want. I already am in the flow.

There is no such thing as the past or the future, the great spiritual way showers have told us that everything happens now. Everything has already happened.

Scientists tell us that the brain always knows what is going to happen beforehand.

So this sensation of the body expanding was to me, sort of like feeling the part of my body that already is in what I would perceive to be the future. I’ve done a lot of work towards clearing myself of negativity from the past. It was a sedation of totality sort of, though I’m not sure that is a good word to use to describe it.

These sensations came at around 40 minutes in to the meditation. Beforehand, it was an okay meditation, nothing in particular stood out.

Sometimes I hear a knocking, as if someone is tapping on a wall from another room. I hear is plainly, though know it isn’t a “real” sound.

I am enjoying meditating for an hour at a time, and the benefits are tremendous, as I am much more calm during the days than usual.

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