My Favorite Joke! (Is This You?)


There are two things that most people don’t like: 1) The way things are, and 2) CHANGE!

Of course I found this joke in one of the many publications that I read, and HAD to adopt it for my own! I have used it everywhere and it always works, because everyone can relate to it. The simplicity of it is what really makes it useful to me, and probably why it means so much to me. I cannot tell you how often it comes up in my mind, and how much it has helped me to lose fear and anxiety, but also I get to laugh at myself!

The great paradox is that those of us on a Spiritual path work towards living in the “now” or the “present moment”, and being okay and satisfied with ourselves and our lives, while at the very same time are working to change and better ourselves towards our Spiritual ideals. So the question “How am I supposed to be in total acceptance of everything right now, but be striving to change?” is a very reasonable one. The answer to the question, for me anyway, is to HAVE A CHARTED COURSE.

Having a charted course means having a list of priority’s, a list of goals or ideals or intentions, and a plan for achieving. I have a friend that helps me with mine, and find this to be of great importance. A friend or therapist can look from a different perspective, can spot ideas that don’t make sense or that aren’t realistic towards my intended goal. I am always surprised at how I can be so unrealistic, and that is why I need help from the outside. On my charted course, I can each day see where I am. I know what actions I am supposed to be taking, and I can feel good during and at the end of the day, knowing I am doing what I am supposed to be doing in order to get to my goals. A charted course can erase confusion, leaving serenity!

Today I ask myself and you these questions: What are your priority’s? What are some things that you would like to change? Do you have a clear ideal of how you would like your life to be? Are the actions you are taking today realistic towards creating the life you want? Do you know how to handle it when the unexpected occurs, or when there is a seemingly sudden big change? Last but not least, do you have any other great jokes for me?

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Jacquie Fajans says:

One of the things I like most about your writings is that you are REAL and it comes across. Plus the way you write makes me feel you are talking directly to me.In my mind that is a sign of a very good writer—Thank You for your words

kyle says:

Thank you Jacquie! Lots of writing of late 🙂