My Challenge/Opportunity for YOU


Kyle Shiver

-We are all faced with challenges.
-Things are what we decide they are.
-Challenge is opportunity.  
-My challenge opportunity for YOU 

We are all faced with challenges in our lives. As I go along in life, I find myself with family challenges, I am aging, there are money and job challenges, all kinds of challenges, and each time I am faced with something that is challenging for me, I have learned to say “This is a great opportunity to grow!” Now the challenge has become not a challenge at all, but instead, it is a chance for me to use what I have learned. It is a chance to grow. Looking at it this way, a challenge really isn’t so challenging. Now it isn’t challenging at all. As a matter of fact, it’s easy!

It is true that things are what I say they are. If I say “This is going to be really difficult and take forever”, then it will. If I say “This is not a problem at all, but an opportunity for me to grow”, then it becomes a good thing. I have actually changed my own self so much that I sometimes wonder if this is really me or not. I did it all by using this simple technique.

I challenge you to try this on one thing in your life that you find difficult or unpleasant. If you take the challenge, or if you want to take this challenge but need assistance, I will offer you a free mini-session in person, or on the phone or Skype. Sometimes we just need to hear some different perspectives.

The challenge is on.

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