Mother’s Day


Me with my mom, my wife, and my daughter. If there’s one thing that is clear to me, it is that I am not a mother.

When Heather and I had Lily Belle(who is now six) I was in awe of this mother-child relationship that I watched evolve before my eyes. After months of preparation, watching Heather’s belly grow with the child, now here we were in a hospital room, with baby resting gently upon the new mommy.

Oh yes, a dad is a part of the equation, but… a daddy is not a mommy.

I am an only child, and so my life hasn’t included being around children or babies a lot. It has included though, a mother-child relationship. My relationship with my mother is unlike any other relationship I have. There really are no good words to explain it either. I am very fortunate to have the best mom in the world! My mom has proven time and again that she is going to love me no matter what. I am always in awe of her love and her good heart.

I think my daughter has the best mom in the world too. My favorite thing to do (along with getting to wash Lily’s hair) is to just sit and listen to her and her mother  play Barbie’s together. Or to hear them laugh together while one of them chases the other around the house. This, to me, is the sound of the angel’s.

I can only ask the question; “Who could know love, as a mother know’s love?”

The obvious answer to that is “nobody”. So today let us celebrate the love that motherhood is. Let us celebrate our mother’s, and let’s make sure they know we love them back.

Many blessings, and if you are a mom; HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!


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