Miley and Syria


I’m not being judgmental when saying that on my Facebook feed, Miley is a lot more popular than what is happening right now in Syria. It is just a fact. Scrolling through my feed the other night, and yesterday, there were many comments like “I can’t believe her!” and “This is not the same girl that I know”, or “What happened to Miley?”. Then came the jokes, the photoshop photo’s of Miley and the camel… She’s the most popular subject in my feed. It would appear that the one time Disney channel “Angel”, has become a “little devil”. I can understand that. I can understand feeling like you know someone who you watch on television. I feel like I know some of the musicians that I adore, so I get it. But hey, if you are a follower of the American “pop culture”, you know well that sex sells. It’s everywhere. Don’t think Miley isn’t going to cash in. I said this about Paula Dean, and I will say it about Miley; There is no such thing as bad press, and she will soon be worth more than ever before. In other words, she doesn’t really mind if you turn on her.

There were enough posts about Syria to let me know that I needed to check out the BBC web site for some information. It seems that Syria is the pawn(per Bob Dylan) of Russia and China, and now that the U.S. is considering taking action against Syria, you can see the concern. But now that Syria has stooped to using chemical warfare, our country feels a need to step in. So far there have been more than 100,000 lives lost in Syria, and I guess that is okay, as long as there is no chemical warfare involved. Russia is selling guns and ammo to one side, while we send guns and ammo to the other… in reality, we are already at war with Russia and China. There’s not a whole lot a guy like me can do, except watch, and hope that nobody pushes the wrong button. The “wrong button” being the button aimed at me or at my town, or at my country. I do feel like I know something that a lot of people don’t know… and these are people of intelligence, people of power, people who should know that NOBODY WINS A WAR.

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