Meditation part 2 “Mind Control”


Kyle Shiver

– Meditation requires the ability to control your mind.
– Meditation is “Alert concentration on a chosen subject.”
– When you can concentrate for 25 breaths, you will be way ahead of the pack.(It’s true) 

Meditation requires the ability to control your mind. The definition of the word meditation that I use is “Alert concentration on a chosen subject.” Every meditation practice that I know of, is to practice the art of focus. Repeating mantra’s, looking at a candle flame or an object, placing attention on the third eye, these are just a few. My favorite has always been to put my focus on my breath.

Sit in a chair or on a pillow or yoga mat, get comfortable and try to keep your spine straight. Breath in and out of your nostril’s. Don’t take the deepest breaths that you can, but you breath the body. Inhale, exhale, and that is one. Focus your attention on your nose, where the air enters and exits. You can visualize that the air is a light or a color, and watch it as it goes into your lungs, and then out into the air. You will want to do this twenty five times.

Do not get discouraged! The first time I tried this, I got to about the third breath, and my mind wandered off. This is going to happen, it is supposed to. When your mind wanders and you realize it, just go back to the last number you can remember, or start over. If you practice this daily, you will be able to do it within a week or two, and this simple exercise will change your life.

When you can breath the body twenty five times, and hold your focus on that, you will have more mind control than most people have. Everyone’s brain can focus or concentrate, but not on a “chosen subject.” In other words, lots of people do not decide what they are going to think about, when they are going to think about it, and for how long. Now you have made a strong start in developing this ability. As you gain control over the mind, it won’t be able to torture you so much. When you can concentrate and count to twenty five breaths, you are meditating! You are holding “Alert concentration on a chosen subject”.

Now, stop breathing your body, just sit and watch the body breath.

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