Meditation for 11-10-11(SPIRIT)


The Great SPIRIT is a big glowing rotating ball of light energy containing galaxies of galaxies each small particle contains a part of all particles so that each small particle is the whole, and the whole is each small particle.
It is what is.
Truth or reality or realness.
It is I the Great SPIRIT who looks through the eyes of this body. Listens through the ears of this body. I am working here. I move this body. I am the Divine Thoughts that this mind has. I am the talents that this body has. I am Power, not force. The mind and the body are useful to me, but not capable of comprehending me.
The mind would like for you to think that it is you and you are it. It closes your eyes and blinds you from SPIRIT. Go to a mirror and look deeply into each of your own eyes and tell yourself hello. Have a real talk. You are not the mind, you are not the body. You are SPIRIT who resides for the time being inside on your particular body with your particular mind. Your mind and your body are for you to control. You are not to be controlled and dominated by your mind.
Let go of your ideas of “good” and “bad” for every being is on the path towards the light. Each being is at a different milestone along the way, but each is on the path. Do not harshly judge someone that you perceive to be behind you, because you were there as well. Do not envy those you think are ahead of you because you will soon be there. When you have obtained awareness and are living in SPIRIT, you will cross the finish line and see that there is no path at all and that you are the path and the beginning and the end of the path. Then you will look out of the eyes, and listen through the ears and the Great SPIRIT(who is you) will guide you and you will trust in it wholly.

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