Maybe It’s Time To Do What Makes No Sense


Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

Ideally the spiritual journey is to become lighter. It is to let things that do not serve us any longer, fall away.

It only stands to reason that most people who decide to even consider a spiritual journey are weighted down heavily.

Addiction and/or alcoholism, a string of bad relationships, unable to find your place in life, physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse, etc… most people only look for, “God” when the chips are down.

Real down.

And that is okay because that is how the whole thing seems to be designed.

Personally, none of my ways were serving me. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

And it was only then that things could get better. The realization that MY WAY was not working in any area of my life.

MY WAY had to go. I had to find someone who had what I wanted.

If you go to a prosperity class, make sure the teacher is rich. If you go to a marriage/relationship class, hopefully the instructor hasn’t been divorced three or four times. If you are trying to get sober, hopefully you aren’t listening to someone who is having a nice glass of wine and a joint.

You get the picture.

A little at a time, MY WAY had to change. I had to find someone else and decide that I would ask for help. I had to decide that I would do things, THEIR WAY.

Immediate results.


But still over the years I drag my feet at every little thing. Letting go of MY WAY has not been so easy. It usually happens when I’m at a rock bottom. When I just can’t take any more.

And then… let it go. Do something different. Do something that doesn’t make sense. You see, MY WAY makes sense to me.

But it doesn’t work.

THEIR WAY makes absolutely no sense to me. But it works.

Little bit at a time, let’s release what no longer serves us. Let’s do something new!


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