Manifest Anything! Really???


kyle 6 sunflower“The Universe will cooperate with whatever you want to do.” 

The word “manifest” seems to be pretty popular these days. It catches my ear, it sounds very exciting, and sort of magical. It isn’t a word that is in my typical vocabulary, and it does sound exotic, but the truth is that according to Webster’s, the word “manifest” simply means “readily perceived by the senses and especially the sense of site.” or “easily understood or recognized by the mind. Obvious.” A few common uses for the word: “Their sadness was manifest in their faces.” or “His love for literature is manifest in his large library.” Most interestingly though, is where the word came from. “Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-Frenchmanifeste, from Latin manifestus caught in the act, flagrant, obvious, perhaps from manus + -festus (akin to Latin infestus hostile) First Known Use: 14th century.

I underlined the words “Caught in the act” because they stood out so brightly to me, as the perfect description of the word “Manifest”. To manifest, simply means to act, and we do it at all times. Like it or not, you have manifested your life the way it is right now. We each make many decisions in our lives, and to see the results, all we have to do is look around us. Yes, there are things in the Universe that are out of our control, but those make up a very small list against the things that we do have control over.

I cannot tell you how often I hear people say things that I don’t think are true. People say things like “I’m not smart enough”, or “I couldn’t find a better job”, or “I’m too old for that”, and I cannot help but notice that they are the one’s who are making these decisions. Maybe the people around us say these things, and then we just take them on as our own belief system. In my own personal case, I was twenty-five years old before I ever realized that what I really wanted to do was play music. I had been playing music since the age of eight, but music was never presented to me as something I could do for work. If it was, I just didn’t see it. I tried different things and couldn’t find a career that looked appealing to me, and then one night it hit me. “I am a musician!” This is when I had my “self-realization”, this is when all the doubt came to me; “How am I going to make a living playing music?” “It is impossible!”. Even people that I was close to shook their heads and said “You need to get a real job!” Can you believe that?

Here’s what I know and want to share with you; Your enthusiasm is God-given. God wouldn’t give you your passion, your talent, your dreams, and then not give you a way to make them real. That would be the Universe working against you, and the Universe cannot work against you. God/the Universe cannot work against you. THis is what is impossible. We can though, work against the Universe. We can work against ourselves. Learning to manifest is all about learning how to work with the Universe and with yourself, instead of against.

If you are having trouble with manifesting what you want in life, I am a good one to talk to. I quit my last “day job” in 1998!!! You are welcome to e-mail me and we can talk about what you want to manifest, and what you think is holding you up. We can talk about how to stop stopping ourselves. I will end this blog with a quote from Marianne Williamson: “A miracle is simple a change in perception.”

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Many blessings!

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denise wisenbaker says:

Thanks Kyle, I feel stumped on what I want. Feeling none motivated and scared of making mistakes like the past ones. Say a prayer for me to find some peace and hope, even simple joy.

kyle says:

Skip the prayer and write things down on paper. Truth is that there are things that you want, and there are things that you don’t want. What you want doesn’t have to be a new car or money, it could just be serenity and peace of mind. There are times when I am tempted to go back into an old routine, or to do something that I know will bring trouble, but I just don’t lie to myself anymore. I used to say “This won’t destroy my life, it will be different this time”. Now I say “Every time you ever did that it destroyed your life, and it will do the same thing this time.” This helps a lot 🙂 Also Denise, knowing you personally, I know that you are already blessed with many people and things in your life. Let us not overlook all that we already have been given. Much love to you!