Making “Good” Out of “Bad”


IMG_3510(Written on Saturday June 7th)

This morning I went on Facebook and was met with a gruesome photograph of an elephant with its face sawed off. The poachers do this because it is apparently quicker than sawing off the tusks.

Then there was the dog who had been badly burned over most of his body.

It was a quick jump from the animals to the people as my buddy Micheal Elliott wrote in his blog today about how these crazy  shooting rampages are becoming a very normal thing in our news. He pointed out that these days, instead of counting how many days in between this kind of thing, it is now a question of how many hours it will be.

Julia Foster’s companion Ronn, passed away. Julia and Ronn are very well known on Tybee and loved by many. Everyone will greatly miss Ronn, but will gather around to support our angel Julia, as she has done for so many people.

Then there was the news that a woman was apparently murdered last night or this morning, right here on Wilmington Island. A lot of people who I know, knew her, and she was a mother of two. People are reporting that the murderer was her husband, but let me state that I have seen no official news statements as of yet.

I started to “unfriend” those who posted gruesome animal pictures, but I stopped myself short. I can only hope that those pictures serve to motivate people to take positive action.

Certainly the thing I love about Micheal Elliott is that he always says what is on his mind. He’s right too, and I also hope that his story and stories like his, will motivate people to take positive action.

As for Julia, and the family of the woman here who was murdered here on Wilmington Island, when tragedy strikes us, all we can do is sit down. You will be loved and supported and you will be provided for. Sometimes other people have to carry us. My heart goes out to you all.

Today I also went to a workshop at church that was on “Sacred Service”. I was only there for the last hour or so, but while there, the facilitator looked at me and asked, “Why do you do what you do?” I told her that a few Sunday’s ago, our minister, Reverend Dale Worley, stood in front of the congregation and said, “Jesus welcomed everyone to his table, and that is what we do here at Unity!” I also told her that I wanted people to know that God is not like Santa Clause.

As the meeting went on, I found myself thinking things like, “Why don’t we have more volunteers?” and then, “Why would a person volunteer at a church?” Then it struck me: “It has to be important for a person. A person has to really want to be a positive force in the world.” “It has to matter.”

Why would it be so important for a person to need to be a positive force? Often it is because the person has had a bad, tragic, or traumatic experience. When you’ve been in the darkness but found the light, it is almost, if not certainly, your duty to turn and help others.

I’ve got my reasons for wanting to be a positive force in the world, and yes, each one of them is from a place of pain and darkness. Some of them I’ve written about and some of them I haven’t. I’ve got a lot of reasons.

Now for the good news!

At any time, day or night, no matter where you are, you can choose to be a positive force in the world! You can help someone who is down, carry someone who needs carrying, you can be nice and courteous, you can smile and hold the door for someone, or you can even just say a prayer for someone.

All these terrible things that we experience are a part of this life. However, we are surrounded with good things and good people too. I can look at the bad and the painful and I will. But I am and will be the good and the positive force. I will do my best.

If anyone hasn’t told you today; You are a good person and I know it!

Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner, living in Savannah Georgia with his wife, daughter, a hamster, two turtles, and their cat Maximus. Schedule your session by calling 912-495-8520 or via e-mail

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