Making Changes part 3


Kyle Shiver

There are two types of changes that we make:
1) New Years Eve resolution changes. These don’t last.
2) something inside of us changes. These do last.

Once you have begun the process of taking responsibility for your life, you can begin to make changes, and you can get results. Meditation and mirror work(see part 2) will start to change you, and many times the changes are so subtle that we cannot see them as they occur. However, you can believe that if you have begun the habit of meditation and mirror work, you have already changed!

We can now begin to make changes on the outside, but lets take a new perspective. There are many letters between A and Z. “A” is where we currently are, and “Z” is where we want to go, and we always want to go there in one quick step. But that is pretty drastic! All the way from A to Z in one step? I learned to first go from A to B, and so on. Do what you can do easily! Instead of smoking 2 packs a day, cut down to a pack and a half. Just change in baby steps. This, I found I could do, and have success right away. I did what was easy, things that I could do with no strain. Before I knew it I was at the letter N, and by then I knew that using this method, I could do anything. It turns out that I had been asking myself to do the impossible, and then I would get down on myself because I couldn’t. So now I just start at A, and I take every step on the path, one step at a time, not straining at all. Making changes is that easy!

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