Making Changes part 1



Kyle Shiver

– We have a tendency to go straight to the effect, meanwhile, ignoring the cause.

When we want to change, we immediately attack the thing that we want to change. We cold turkey smoking or drinking, we drastically change our eating habits, and when we don’t get lasting results, we wonder why, and we think less of ourselves.

We wonder what is wrong with us, and “how come we cannot change like so and so did?” Perhaps we know that what we are doing is hurting us, and we still cannot change. What gives?

We are unknowingly dealing with a Universal law called “Cause and Effect”. When we make a decision to change, we have a tendency to go straight to the effect, meanwhile, ignoring the cause.

Our world is created from the inside/out. We are the cause, and our habits, the people around us, everything in our lives, is the effect. You can look at yourself and look around you, and say “This is the kind of person I am” or even “This is what I look like on the inside.” It is true. Everything that you do is a reflection of your inner self, and your inner self is the cause of it all.

It stands to reason that if we want to change the outer reality, we must change the inner reality. It isn’t the people around us, or our habits, or anything outside of us that we need to change. All the change has to happen within, otherwise, it won’t stick. “How do I change within?” We’ll talk about that in the next blog, but in the meantime, contemplate this idea of cause and effect. “I am the cause of it all.”

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