Lunch With A Spirit


IMG_1838The other day I was blessed to spend some time and have lunch with Micheal Elliott.

Micheal is renowned for many things. He is a minister, he has fed many a homeless person, has authored and published 8 books, and is also well known for his appreciation for nudity.

I was very happy to see that he got dressed before trekking to our chosen meeting location. Many a body part have I seen at Huc A Poo’s on Tybee Island(our chosen location for lunch), but I am typically there with my band, and we play after 10 p.m.

We met at noon, the sun was shining brightly, and the tables on the deck were filled with vacationing families. They must all be here on vacation because I noticed that neither Micheal or myself saw anyone we knew, and between the two of us, I would imagine that we know every local. We were fortunate to get a table.

Micheal is a Great Spirit. He is alive. He has a heart of gold, and he holds nothing back. He is an inventor, a creator, he is a “doer”, and he is someone who is happening to life, instead of sitting around and waiting for life to happen to him. You know I love it!

Micheal and I both love UGA football, and we both love music, but what we have in common more than anything, is that we are both listening for God. We are both watching and waiting for our cue. We are both letting go and healing from “what was”. We both know that it is no mistake that we are here on earth, and that we both have a purpose. We just aren’t exactly sure what our purpose is right now.

Several years ago, a great tidal wave washed over us both, taking everything in its path back out to sea with it. Except for us.

When this happens in life and you find yourself standing alone on the beach, with everything that you knew before washed to sea, there is a period of “What the heck just hit me?” that occur’s. You are dizzy from the blow, reeling and injured. Your faith is questioned, your very foundation is shaken, and it takes time to put things back together again.

But things always come back together again.

We got to talking a bit about our experiences in working with other’s, and Micheal said something to the effect of, “People always say that God is not talking to them.” He quickly had to hold up a hand to restrain my excitement, because as he and I both know, God is always talking to everyone.

God is usually pretty loud.

The problem is that sometimes He’s telling us things that we don’t want to hear. Sometimes He’s telling us things that we just cannot accept. Sometimes He and all our friends will be trying to tell us something, yet still we cannot hear or see.

Sometimes it takes an awful lot to get my attention. Like a tidal wave.

Though our life circumstances have been vastly different, Micheal and I have both been going through this “re-construction” period at the very same time. We have each tried out various things, and we have each not quite found our spot yet. We also both have blogs in which we have written our way through this process, though Micheal is a much more open and personable writer than I am. We have each aired what we need to air, and done it in our own way.

Now we stand ready, aimed, and listening.



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