Looking For A Reason


This has been an eventful summer for people in my “general vicinity”. How to say this? Lots of difficult situations have happened to friends of friends.

Maybe it is just because I’m older now, or it could just be that Facebook has me daily connected to so very many people. But … it has been an eventful summer, we’ve lost some people, and so there are a lot of people still with us, who are hurting.

There are accidents, there are incidents, then there are those who are “too young”, that turn out to not be too young. There is no explaining that I can do. There is no one solid answer that I can give you either. In my experience and observation, when we lose someone, even if it is expected, it is just like getting hit really hard in the head.

The best thing to do is to just sit down. And the best thing for us to do in support of others is simply to be there and sit with them. Somehow people get taken care of. Somehow people go on. Somehow things slowly come back together in a new and different way.

Recently I took a class in metaphysics while spending a week at Unity Village. The class was taught by a man by the name of Paul Hasselbeck, who was at one time the Dean of the Seminary there, and is also the author of several books. Mr. Hasselbeck walked in to class one day and with one sentence, turned me inside out.

“I cannot really tell you that there is a reason for everything in the Universe, but I can tell you that you can bring reason to everything in the Universe.”

Now personally, in my perception of the Universe, there is no doubt a reason for everything. This has to be all-inclusive, it has to encompass all of the “good”, as well as all of the “bad” things that we experience. I have actually gotten to a place where I have answers. I have reasons. I know what resonates with me. I know what doesn’t feel so right, and I know what does.

But this is the question of all questions, and so many people are asking it; “Why do these bad things happen?”

The trick is that no other human being can answer the question for you.

My goal is often to introduce new ideas to people. I make up different scenario’s. I ask a lot of questions. I try and help people piece together a trail that leads them to understanding. A reason.

And this is what Mr. Hasselbeck explained so eloquently, that honestly, I had never really gotten before.

You see, I was the one who talked to people, who meditated, who read hundreds of books, and who went searching for an answer. I wanted to know the reason. In my searching, there were several different teacher’s and teachings, and books, that greatly resonated with me. Out of these, what developed was an understanding. What developed with that understanding, was that I then knew the reason. But, I had to be the one to bring the reason to the Universe.

I had to be the one to seek and find an understanding of the world, that made sense to me. The beauty of this, and I mean beauty, is that I may be totally wrong and it doesn’t even matter! It makes sense to me, and that is all that matters. My reasoning may not help you one bit.

But your reasoning can. Your reasoning will. We have to look at our own selves and ask these toughest of tough questions. We have to seek within, because that is where the answers lay. Once I started seeking and truly demanding to know, well… someone would walk up and say to me, “You have got to read this book!” and hand me a book. There have been times when I have had people walk up to me and just start answering my question without me ever even asking them. (or knowing them for that matter)

I will sit with you. I will talk with you. I will pray with you. I will ask you lots of questions. I will ask you to repeat yourself. I will do anything I can to assist you. But we each must discover what makes sense to us.

Now that all my questions are answered, does it still hurt? Yes, but in a very different way. For one thing, I don’t even glance at things that have nothing to do with me. I used to waste a lot of energy on things that I had no control over, and things that I saw on CNN that were a world away and all I could honestly do was bark my false sense of superiority.

The other big difference that I notice, is that when I do hurt, it is a “letting go” hurt, rather than a “holding on to” hurt.

Think about it. Come up with a story. Come up with an idea. Come up with an understanding of why the world works the way it does. Bring the reason. If it makes sense to you, if it resonates with you, then that is all that matters.

You deserve an answer to your question, and the only one who can answer it is you.

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner living in Savannah Georgia. To set up your phone, Skype, or in-office session, call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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