Living In the Now


1507897_611893802193481_994967802_nSo much of the time the mind is in the future.

The mind is already where we are going. It is already enjoying whatever it is that we are going to get.

Or perhaps it is already suffering from what it perceives is going to happen.

I do run across people from time to time who consciously live in the past, but for the most part I would say that people are in the future.

One of the reasons for this we are told is because of protection. Scientists say that as man evolved, it became very important for the mind to anticipate danger.

But the truth of the matter is that in our world today, most of us do not face the same kinds of dangers of people even 100 years ago, and certainly we don’t face the dangers that people faced 200 years ago.

“What if there’s a problem?” “What if it doesn’t work out?” “I am sure that this person is out to get me and spoil this.”

In a nutshell, we worry about getting or not getting what we want.

My mind can slip into that pattern in a split second and can run for days before I figure out what is going on.

I should point out here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with anticipating, or with planning, or with any of that stuff.

The problem comes when the mind gets stuck in the future.

If the mind is off somewhere else, how can you really do a good job where you are at? How can you really give your attention to the people you are with right now?

And the mind can make things seem so very important, which really aren’t all that important.

Some days I just have to adamantly hold my ground. Repeatedly remembering to “stay in the moment”.

It is very true that there is never anything wrong in the “now.”

It is also very true that nobody can take anything that is truly yours away from you. I constantly have to ask myself, “Where is God in this picture?”

When I am wrapped up in fear or worry about the future, then what about my relationship with God? In other words, If the Universe works in a certain way and I am following the principals of the Universe, then why or how could I think that you or any other person could “mess it up?”

That doesn’t make sense.

So let us be in the “Now.” Let us focus on what we are doing right now. Let us focus on the people who are with us right now. Let us just simply be where we are.

And most of all, let us enjoy this!


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Jennye says:

Great article! When my mind and ego zoom into the future or the past, and at times it happens, I ask myself: Where is my Butt? Some say where are your feet? Since humor is part of my spiritual practice, asking the former seems to get me back into alignment in the present moment! Thanks for reminding me and all who read your words of the simplicity and power of existing only in the moment!