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The Power Symbol

The Reiki Power Symbol     


Tonight’s group meditation had a primary focus on the heart. The heart vibrations are so very strong, and they are happening all the time. They come from the heart, and project outward into the world around us, and this is happening even when we are asleep. How often do we notice our heartbeat anyway? Probably not very often.

We know that everything exists as a certain frequency or energy pattern, and we also know that when we place our attention on a thing, this frequency changes. In other words, a stop sign is there all the time, but if you placed your attention on it, it would change the frequency of the stop sign. We can see this clearly with plants, with people, and we’ve all heard of the water freezing experiments done by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It is clearly evident to us that whatever we place our attention on, will grow and flourish. This is why it is so very important for us to pay attention to where we place our attention! You can place your attention on to others, onto projects and goals, and also this is why positive thoughts are so important to us. It grows.

So I invite you to in meditation, find your heartbeat. Listen for it, feel around for it, and when you find it, go to it. Imagine the power of the pulse, and imagine the vibrations coming from the heart. Imagine a pebble dropped into a pool of still water and see the rings of waves that come about. The heart is just this way. No more will be be controlled by the world around us. Our vibration comes from our center, we live from the center, and we happen to the world!



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