List Making

A new addition to our family!

A new addition to our family! This is either Snowball or Snowflake, not sure which one. 

The first day of school always totally overwhelmed me. The teacher would explain everything we were going to do and be required to learn in the class for the semester, and just couldn’t take all that information all at once. There were usually 4-5 classes like this, and at the end of the first day, I would usually have an anxiety attack. “How in the world am I supposed to learn all that?” I would think. Even though I knew that all this was going to happen over a long period of time, and a little bit at a time, looking at it all at once was just too much.

Now I will come clean and also tell you that I was the kid who prided himself on never cracking a book. I never even took my books home. School never appealed to me in any way, and so why I would even care about what we were to learn each semester is beyond me. Maybe I used it as an excuse not to even try? I don’t know, but when I got a little older and wanted to accomplish something with my life, this had to be dealt with. I had to teach myself how to look at the big picture, the intention or goal, and then begin to take one step at a time. This is where I learned about the wonders of list making!

I took to it right away, because I got benefits right away. First I would look at the goal, then I’d break that down into several parts, and then I’d break those down too. Then I’d make my list of things to do day by day. Once the lists were made, I didn’t even have to think about the goal anymore, I just did the next thing on the list. It feels good to cross things off as you go along! I could even decide beforehand what order things needed to be done in and where I needed to go first. This quickly taught me how to prioritize and took away so much anxiety for me.

This list making idea is on my mind tonight, because today I turned in my work and finished another online class. I have two more classes left to get the degree. Also today I made some huge steps in the recording of a cd of guided meditations. Earlier this week, I finalized the set up of my new podcast and it is now listed on iTunes. Now I’m working on the list for tomorrow, but feeling good because I got to cross off some bigger things today.

So if you are having trouble and it feels like you are spinning your wheels, think about sitting down and writing out a list. First, look at the goal that you want to achieve or what you want to accomplish. Then make a list of the steps that you need to take in order for this to happen. Then break that down again to “what can I do today?” (My wife says “long-term, short-term, and “this week”). Then get going! You will quickly see how easy it is, and you will quickly feel good and accomplished as you cross things off your list!

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