Life Is A Gift


Kyle OM Tree 1The gift is life.

Some people want it while some don’t. We are born with different bodies, different situations, some are born rich, some born in poverty. Some people want to die and they can’t and some people want to live and they die…

These are words of my friend Micheal Elliott.

They reminded me of a book I read years ago by a guy who worked in a field hospital in Viet Nam. He said that some of the soldiers would come in and they would be badly wounded and they would beg to die. But they wouldn’t.

Then there were others who came in wounded who wanted so badly to live, but they would die.

We don’t get to say when and how it ends.

And it is also very true that some people have a zest for life. They just seem happy to be alive.

While others seem like they would take an easy way out if one were offered.

I think that most of us have our good times in life, and our bad times. And I think that not knowing how or when we are going to die makes even the longest of lives seem short.

And I think that no matter what someone’s disposition towards life is, we are all in the same boat.

Micheal and I agree on that. A lot of you who will read this also agree, I am sure.

But what is the point of the gift? The point of the gift is to act like we know that we are all in the same boat.

To actually act like it.

That means that we love each other and we help each other. And it means that we find joy and share it with others.

Micheal and I have no idea what happens when we leave here. Between the two of us, we’ve probably heard every speculation imaginable.

But we do know what we are supposed to do while we are here.

And we know that life is a gift.

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