Letting It All Out (part one)


Plato said that Socrate’s said that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

But how many of us live with secrets that we plan on taking to the grave? How many of us live with things that we aren’t willing to talk about with anybody? How many of us are living with things that we have just “pushed to the side” or “compartmentalized” away somewhere in the corridor’s of our mind?

Scientists and doctors describe one aspect of the brain as being a recording device. Everything that the senses send to the brain stays. So they tell us that if we could use all of the information in our brain, we could remember the ride home from the hospital when we were newly born.

Everything we have ever seen, heard, smelled, touched, felt, and all the things we have sensed in any way, the entire experience is recorded and stored within us. Even the things that happened before we can remember. And it is important for me to point this out, because this creates the fact that

We are carrying around things that we don’t know about!

Coupled with the things that we do know about.

So there appears before us a doorway. We look through and see the life we want, but it is over there. The things we want are on the other side. We wish for happiness, success, we wish for money, we wish for all kinds of things like bigger houses and our dream cars and vacations.

We wish for love.

But we are not going to find love somewhere else. I know people who have all the material things imaginable, but they aren’t satisfied or happy. The late Robin Williams comes to mind, and I wonder, “How in the world can someone who is loved so much by so many, and who has money and material things to the extent that most of us cannot imagine, hang himself in a closet?”

I’ll never forget the day I was talking to Joel Solomon on the phone. Joel used to own a place called “Cafe Loco” out on Tybee Island and I was a regular weekly performer there for years, and also did the music booking there for quite some time. But now I was having trouble. I was “off in the bushes” so to speak, and had been calling out of gigs and I had been drunk for about three years and things were going downhill fast.

“Georgia Kyle, everybody loves you!” he said to me through the phone, causing me to sob even more uncontrollably.

I’m not sure if I said it out loud to him or not, but I know that I thought it very clearly and very plainly; “But I don’t and I don’t know why”.

You can have everything imaginable in the world, and everyone in the world can love you, but the one thing we have got to figure out is, “How to love ourselves”.

And that is what this series of blogs is going to focus on. Why don’t you love yourself? What is so bad about you? What do you think that you have done that cannot be forgiven? What has been done to you that you cannot forgive?

You will feel much better after you get it all out. I promise.

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