Let’s Enjoy This


I get nervous, but I don’t let it stop me.

And things keep getting bigger. It is as if the Universe says, “Well if you can handle that, then here is something bigger!” In the past I always looked at it from a very interesting angle.

I moved with the idea that the Universe was against me.

So when I would overcome something I would think, “Great, now what kind of challenge is coming?” I don’t like being nervous. I don’t like feeling challenged or intimidated. It would be greatly uncomfortable and I would not want any more.

That lasted until the day someone confronted me with, “Why would you be nervous when this is what you wanted?” And this was a good question, because they were right. I’d worked pretty hard to get there and now I was going to let nervousness ruin it. I was going to not enjoy the glory.

I was sending very mixed messages to the Universe, who had no idea what to do with me.

I’d be lying if I told you that I’ve figured out how to not get nervous. But what I have figured out how to do, is to take a deep breath. I remind myself that “This is good!”, and “This is what I wanted!” and I affirm that, “I will not let nervousness or fear keep me from this!”

None of the things I get nervous or afraid of are real anyway. They are all, “What if’s” and they just aren’t real. “What if I’m not over the top amazing?” “What if someone gets involved and messes things up?” “What if things don’t go the way I want them too?”

Nothing that anyone else thinks, says, or does, has anything to do with it!!! 

Can I say that again?

Nothing that anyone else thinks, says, or does, has anything to do with it!!! 

What matters is that I be the Christ that I am. What matters is that I be the Buddha that I am. What matters is that I know that God is all around me and through me, and that I let God flow through me.

So when I do get nervous, I just tell my nervousness and fear that, “I know you aren’t real and you may as well go away, because I am doing this!” And at some point it does go away, and at some point I find myself not only doing whatever it may be, but really doing it. I really get to fully be present in the moment and enjoy it.

I’m about to go and do just that right now! And this is what I wanted, so check it out, the Universe is working for me!

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