Let Us See


Not long ago I was reading a book, and the author had this idea that God made the world and then disappeared.

If you think about it, electricity and every piece of technology that we have today, was there during biblical times. They just didn’t know about it yet, and things hadn’t developed to this point as of yet.

But its not like we invented anything new. We just found new ways to use what was already there.

Also, the Universal Laws have always been the same. The Laws, such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Gravity… these are all what we call “Absolute.”

A person could read most any scripture, and see clearly that the Universal Laws, or “the Way” if you will, is being taught.

Having spent many years attempting to bend the Universal Laws to my will, I finally began to try and get myself into accord with them. The more in-line I am with the Laws, … the more I see.

In other words, I don’t believe in a punishing God. That idea never felt right in my heart.

What does make sense to me is these Laws. You can follow them and actually use them to your benefit, or you can go against them and pay the price.

First I saw that the Laws do in fact work. Then I began to see that there are many things around us that we don’t see.

Or that the things around us aren’t necessarily as they seem.

My mantra for quite some time was a quote from Jesus; “Behold! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

What resulted from the use of this mantra was that I began to see and experience that Heaven is all around me. The more I obey and follow the Universal Laws, the more clearly I see Heaven.

Whatever it may be that you want in your life, is already there.

Let us see.

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