Let Us Always Remember…


new-york-firefighters-raising-flag-9-11-nyc-photo-print-6Just a few months ago, some of us were sitting on the patio after a late-night gig.

We were just hanging out and having a post-gig talk and relaxing, when a man came out the door.

He looked over at me and I said, “How you doing man?” And he said, “You haven’t heard anything until you hear the sound of bodies hitting the ground.”

Then he continued on, telling us about being in New York on 9/11. He said that they started hearing these strange sounds and they didn’t know what it was. And then they realized that it was the sound of people jumping from the World Trade Centers and hitting the ground.

Yes, the guy had been drinking. And maybe a considerable amount. Maybe he was continuing with us, a conversation he had been having with someone else at the bar.

I told him that I had been in Boston at the time, and how afraid we had all been. And then someone he knew came out and started talking to him and they left together.

After they had gone, we all just looked at each other and didn’t really know what to say.

They call them, “terrorist attacks” because they terrorize us. They let us know that maybe we aren’t as safe as we might expect.

On that day, people all over the world were terrorized. Enraged, broken-hearted, thrown into states of dis-belief… how could this happen?

We have no way to measure how many people were in some way, changed by the events of that day. 

Now I am going to completely change gears on you.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend of mine who is playing a large role is starting a Prayer Chaplain program at her church. She has gone to training, and yesterday she was training people from her congregation.

As she was talking about it, I had this idea or vision come to me.

“Twenty or thirty years from now, there will be a Prayer Chaplain program at your church, and you are starting this thread.”

Then I realized, “Your energy will in some way be in every prayer that is spoken for years to come!”


We have no way to measure how many people were in some way, changed by the events of that day. 

Does that sentence look familiar to you?

Yes, I know… two totally different sets of circumstances. One was an act of hate. One is an act of Love.

Both are actions. And both leave us with no actual way of knowing how far and wide they will reach.

We all are in action all day every day.

Let us remember 9/11. Let us remember all the victims and their families. Let us remember the first responders. Let us remember all the citizens of New York and Washington, and all over America and the world who were terrorized that day.

reuters_bilder_des_jahrzehnts_23And let us remember that our actions matter. What we do has a ripple effect. Everything we do. Knowing this, let us strive to make our actions be acts of love and kindness and compassion and understanding, rather than acts that come from hate or fear.

Let us always remember.

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