Knowing Your Limits


kyle_ssi_002 3Probably the most mis-understood thing about spirituality, is that people get the idea that if you are “spiritual”, then nothing should bother you.

As if meditating for half an hour every day and practicing spiritual ways in your life makes you the Dalai Lama.

True, we seek to be compassionate, loving, tolerant, nonjudgmental, and understanding, but it is also true that the only reason we would need to seek growth in these areas is because; we need it!

As time goes on I find myself much further evolved in these area’s. Things and people and situations that used to really bother me and get under my skin, aren’t even noticeable to me now. But still, life hands me challenges every day.

I want it to.

Sometimes I can adjust myself and there is no problem. Sometimes it takes a few bumps and then I can get straightened out. Then there are times when I just throw up my hands and proclaim, “This is over my head and out of my league!”

Yes, I can still be had.

But if I don’t push myself, if I don’t accept challenges head-on, there will be no progress and I won’t grow.

I used to feel pretty bad about myself whenever I would have to throw up my hands, but I don’t anymore. I keep track and watch, and I journal and have a spiritual advisor, so I can see tremendous growth in my self. I also know that I’m not done growing yet.

But if something comes along that is just bigger than I can handle, I am okay with that.

You see, other people can sometimes expect us to, as “spiritual people”, be able to deal with anything, but it is me that I really have to contend with. I have to be okay when I am successful, and I also have to be okay when I’m not.

I have to know what is reasonable, and what is not. I also have to know when it is okay to compromise, as opposed to when I am just getting angry, and not saying anything about it.


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