Keep An Open Mind!


Kyle 2We may never know why people can be so stubborn.

Oh, yours truly is a Taurus, so I know all about being stubborn. Once, my Spiritual Advisor gazed over at me and said, “You don’t take subtle hints very well do you?”

And he was right. It seems that I am always the last one to know what everyone else already knows. I’m always surprised, and everyone else is surprised that I am surprised.

When my Self-Realization moment came, I picked up the phone and called a close friend of mine and said, “I finally figured it out! I am supposed to play music!”

He stammered a bit and was obviously at a loss for words for a moment or two. Then he said, “Well I thought that’s what you moved up there for?” And then he said, “I thought you already knew that!”

Things that make sense to everyone else just don’t always make sense to me.

There are plenty of times when that has worked in my favor too. I mean, I could have listened to everyone else and sold cowboy boots or shoes all these years. You know?

But there are also times when it doesn’t work in my favor.

Some points to ponder are;

– If you instantly have a “shut down” reaction to something, you should check it out.
Why such a strong reaction? Do you feel threatened? Do you need to feel superior in some way? A big adverse reaction is often a sign that you are feeling vulnerable. In other words, whatever it is, is touching a sore spot within you.

– If something is appearing repeatedly, you might want to pay attention.
Have you noticed that perhaps you will hear someone use a word in conversation and the word just sticks out to you? And then later that night or the next day you come across the same word in the book you are reading? A word, a concept, a person that you keep running into, it could be anything really. I have three words for you; It’s no coincidence.

– And on the “far out” side, your brain doesn’t have neurons for things that you have never encountered. 
That’s right. As we grow, we learn to talk, to walk, we learn everything very slowly over a period of years. Each thing we learn or experience is actually recorded in the form of brain neurons and stored in our sub-conscious mind, or if you will, our hard drive. SO when we encounter a new idea, a new concept, or a new person, we do not know this new arrival. It is said that the first time we are exposed to a new thing, we aren’t even aware of it because there is no brain neuron for it yet. It won’t be until the second or third time that we will even begin to be able to actually experience this new thing or person.

– Appreciate the differences.
Wouldn’t it be strange if we all looked the same? Wore the same clothes? Listened to the same music? Went to the same church? It would be a real dull existence if you ask me. So why do we want to have a problem when someone isn’t exactly like us? I do the same thing, and we all probably do it. We have to consciously get past this. Be aware when you do it, and stop it. Instead of turning your nose, go over and check it out. (Or you can just stay right where you are and wonder why everyone else isn’t like you.)

– Remember the saying, “Live and let live.” 
When it comes down to it, regardless of what you believe or what your politics are or your religious preferences, I see that you are a human being just like I am. I pray that your life is as beautiful as mine and that you also live in Heaven. If what you are doing is getting the results that you want in your life, I’m behind you 100%, even if we don’t see things the same way. It things aren’t working out in life for you, I don’t want to push myself onto you, because I want you to find within yourself your own Truth.

As I have learned to appreciate the differences in others, my life has opened up to such rich experiences. There are so many new people, so many new opportunities, and so many new things that I really enjoy doing.

And one last thing,

I think that a closed mind is an afraid mind. See? A closed mind is a closed heart, and runs in small circles and never encounters anything new. The world is too big and awesome and there are way too many wonderful people in the world to live like that.

If you ask me…

Kyle at the Spiritual Living Center in Charlotte NC

Kyle at the Spiritual Living Center in Charlotte NC

Much love and many blessings to you!

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