It’s Supposed to be Challenging


kyle 4A fair share of my clients are students, and I have so much respect for them. The hoops that they have to jump through are tremendous.

The younger students I work with are typically not sure what they want to do and are faltering all together because of that. Faced with these gigantic decisions so early in life can sometimes be too much. There is pressure from home, they pressure themselves, and besides having to make such huge decisions, they are faced with many distractions to wade through.

The older students are sometimes not only going to school, but are working a job and raising a child (or children) to boot! This requires a great ability to juggle many things all at once, and it is amazing to watch.

It is an honor for me to be involved and get to watch close up, as you work to learn and grow, and create the life you want!

Of course, all of my clients are students, school or no school. I’m a student too. We are all students of life, and we all are taking the classes that we need for our own awakening. There is only one question for us to answer, and this is:

“Is what I’m doing in line with my stated intention?”

If what you are doing is propelling you towards your intentions or goals, then keep right on going! This is supposed to be challenging, and we are supposed to sacrifice for this! Instead of ducking your head and bracing for the blow, know that you are bettering your self and that you can do this!

If what I am doing is in line with my intention, then there is no reason to wait to feel good. I can feel good right now!

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It works!The “Contact Me” page works too, I got it fixed 🙂