It’s Not “Going to Be Great”


kyle_ssi_009It already is!!! Do you listen to yourself? Do you expect other people to listen to you? If things aren’t going well for you, or if things aren’t going the way you’d like, it is time to pay some attention to what you are doing, and very importantly, what you are saying!

I didn’t like this one at all. Every word that used to come out of my mouth was an excuse and a complaint. I found that this was a habit that was deeply engrained in me, that it took a lot of work to change it. The only way to change it is to start paying attention to what you are saying, and catch yourself. This is the reason for so many people coming up with thirty day challenges of “No Complaint”. For me, it was a tall hill, but one worth climbing.

One of my favorite Joel Olsteen quotes is : “Whatever follows “I AM’ is going to come looking for you”!

Kyle Shiver is a father and a husband, an inspirational speaker and coach, a meditation guide, and energy healer. Listen to music, talks, and guided meditations at his PODCAST

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