Its All In the Mind


Kyle at Unity of SavannahOne thing that I am sure of is that if you can imagine doing something, then it is possible to really do it.

There was the time long ago when I was holed up in my bedroom attempting to learn an instrumental guitar piece. It was called “Dee”(if memory serves me) and it was on the Ozzy Osbourne record called “Blizzard of Oz.” (the one with “Crazy Train” on it)

The piece had been composed and played by Ozzy’s guitarist Randy Rhodes, who at the time was every guitar players hero.

And it was rightly deserved.

Try as I might though, there was something about this piece that I couldn’t get. Over and over I would lift the needle back to the beginning and over and over I was running into a wall.

After some time, I put down the guitar and went to sleep.

Soon the dream began and in the dream, there I was, and I was playing “Dee” perfectly!

“So that’s how he did that!” I thought in the dream.

But wait a minute! I’m dreaming!

I quickly decided that while dreaming I would play the song over and over again until I would be sure to remember upon awakening.

The next morning I picked up my guitar and played the piece effortlessly. As if I’d played it all my life.

Pretty cool little trick, huh?

Throughout my life I’ve worked and experimented with this little trick, and I would say that I am pretty good at it.

The trick is all about that moment when you see it.

It is also about knowing that it is there, even before you see it.

There have been times of great frustration. Times when I’ve tried to see and materialize things that no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn’t come to me. Yes I have swung and missed.

But I’ve had some hits too, and many more hits than misses. As a matter of fact, I’ve hit a couple of real doozies in my time.

In life we are always up to bat. If you swing and miss, you can always try again.

Trying to hit a baseball is kind of the same as in golf in that if you try to hit the ball really hard, you are likely to miss.

So sometimes it is good to just stop and take a deep breath and relax. Sometimes you have to find a way to not try so hard.

I’ve always remembered and been most intrigued with the simple fact that the night I learned how to play that little song, I didn’t even have my guitar in my hand. Heck, I wasn’t even awake.

It’s all in the mind.


Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver is a visionary and Spiritual Leader at Tybee Spirit, as well as a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker. And yes, he plays music too! Phone/Skype with Kyle from anywhere in the world! Schedule by calling 912-495-8520 or e-mail

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