Love Is All Around Us


Many of our spiritual teachers have said that at our core, we are Love.

The Beatles actually said, “Love is all there is.”

So it is impossible for us to do anything that doesn’t originate from this Love. A Course In Miracles teacher Marianne Williamson says that, “Every action is either an act of Love, or a cry for Love.”

It’s not only all around us, it IS us.

It took me a while of studying and meditation for this concept to get it, but when it finally hit home, it changed my life drastically.

When we change our reasoning, the whole world changes.

Learning to see that there is ONE and that all things come from that ONE, was a big change in my reasoning. And this new reasoning did indeed, change the world.

No matter what anyone says or does, I know that it is either an act of love or a cry for love. No matter what you say or do, I know that it originates from your core self, which is pure Love.

You may do something “bad” or “evil”, but when I know why, when I look a little deeper and see that you are acting out of, or crying out for Love, this brings us together instead of separating us in my mind.

Whenever I do get upset, it is always because I have fallen into the idea that there two powers in the Universe.

It is time to remind myself that, “If God is God, then God is God.”

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