It Has Only Just Begun


kyle 4I have accomplished everything I’ve ever set out to do. Many times not knowing how it was going to happen, or having any idea where the money or the way was going to come from. Only knowing that it would come.

It turns out that I am a musician and an artist. I create stuff. I have written and figured out some way to release 8 CD’s. Also there was an instrumental CD and a guided meditation CD, bringing the count to 10.


Sometimes I paint too, and people buy my paintings. My record keeping is probably, well, it is non-existent, so there really isn’t any way to figure out how many of my paintings are out there in the world or where they may be.

As a musician and artist, I am good at creating. But then what happens is that it is time for me to move on. Oh I always tour in support of CD’s, and used to travel extensively most all the time, but I’m much better at creating CD’s and art than I am at selling them.

Just ask my wife.

So the really great part of this is that I can have a vision and then manifest it into reality. The not so great part is that I never did hit the “big time”, get a hit song, or make a million bucks.

The obvious “elephant in the room” so to speak, is that what I care about is what I’m creating. I create because that is what I do. I don’t create to make a million bucks. I create to create.

Now music and art are still a part of my life and always will be, but they have turned into something much bigger. Now it is about inspirational speaking, spiritual counseling, and working with others to heal their wounds.

It is in healing that we are healed.

You know how the surfer’s “ride the wave”? That is what happens when playing music, when I’m in the middle of and engrossed in a new painting, and it also happens when speaking to an audience or working with others. But speaking and working with others is turning out to be more fulfilling.

It seems bigger.

Because I am a creator, all there is to do is to continue to create. It is for me to continue to pull off the miraculous. And just when it seemed like things were through, it has been revealed to me that

things have only just begun!

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