Is Your Best Good Enough?


Kyle OM Tree 1Is your “best” good enough?

If you are like me, it probably isn’t.

I spend a lot of time going between learning to accept myself in the present moment, and wishing that I was better at certain things.

Life can be confusing on the spiritual path.

Often I wish I was better at it.

Most people I talk to think that we should be better than we are, that we should be further along, and that we shouldn’t do things that hurt us or hold us back.

So I’m not alone.

But the plain and simple Truth is that there will always be things that we aspire towards.


It isn’t as if the world will end when we reach our goal, or when we kick a bad habit, or break out of a negative life pattern.

No. There will be another goal, another bad habit to kick, and another pattern that we will want to get out of.

That being understood, that there will always be room for improvement, we have got to be able to just be okay with ourselves as we are right now.

Let us remind ourselves that even seeing the need for change and wanting to change, even if we aren’t ready yet, is the beginning of the cycle. If we wish or want to change, if we see the need for change, then the change has already begun within us.

And it is coming.

I am going to do my best today to be the best me. You do your best too. And let us love ourselves just the way we are right now, no matter what. And let us love each other. Let us have understanding and compassion.

Nobody’s perfect. Who among us wants to cast the first stone? But what we can do, is we can be us perfectly today.

So let’s just do that and be happy with where we are.

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