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spinning-vortexI’ve always been an intuit, and am most often correct in my intuition. A couple of years ago I saw a post from someone who was looking for people to do online readings, and I responded. This lady had a pretty big and nice looking web site and she contacted me back, asking for me to do a reading for her, and she wanted a reading for one of her employee’s.(who was also an online reader). So I said “Sure! Why not?”

So I told the lady my intuition concerning her, which was very strong, and then I told her that her employee would need to e-mail me requesting a reading. Keep in mind that I’d never attempted this, so I asked for just an e-mail with as few words as possible, requesting the reading. Sure enough, a few minutes later I got the e-mail from her employee. “You have on brown glasses!” I immediately reported back. Then I gave her a reading. It turned out that this employee was in Hawaii, and was in fact wearing brown glasses.

The next day, the lady who owned the company wrote me and said that my reading for her had been all wrong, and she did not understand it. She then told me that her employee in Hawaii had been shocked that I knew about the glasses, but that her reading hadn’t made any sense either.(I later corresponded with this employee and found that this was not true. She said my reading had been “right on”.) So of course, I was told that I just needed more practice and maybe I could contact her again at some later date. “Okay” I thought, “no big deal”, even though I had truthfully become excited about the prospect of doing online readings.

Two weeks later I got an e-mail from the lady who owned the company who had said my reading was wrong. It said “I just wanted you to know….” Turns out my reading for her had been correct! She didn’t offer to let me work for her, and that was okay with me. I had felt very strongly about my reading and knew that I was right. I was just glad that she came around and saw that what I had told her was true.

So I find intuitive readings to be pretty tricky. A person may not really want to know what I know about them. They think that their problems stem from one thing or from a person, but I see an entirely different cause. They may very well not understand what I see, or they may not want to see what I see. Strangely, the more adverse the reaction, the more I know I’m correct in my reading. So if I give you a reading and you are disturbed by it, or you recoil, I ask that you give it a couple of weeks to set in. Then see how you feel about it.

It is also true that it is easier for me to read people that I don’t know and who are at a distance. I get intuitions about everything, but if I know you personally, or if you are a client or past client, then it can get a little scrambled up for me. This is simply because I have my own thoughts about you and your situation, and so I have to rid myself of those, in order to get a true intuition. That is a little tricky for me still, but I am working on it. For instance, not long ago, I told someone I knew and was working with “You are about to move to a big city and there will be lots of people all around you”. I knew that he would soon leave Savannah, and had no doubt about that a giant change was coming. My personal feelings about him though, confused my intuition. Two weeks later he moved to a very isolated farm! My personal feelings and what I knew about him, lead me to believe that “it was about a lot of people” and so I thought he needed a bigger city or community. This kept me from seeing that on the farm he would be growing food for many many people. Think of how many people he can now touch, but working on a farm!

In any case, I really enjoy doing readings, and if you would like for me to do one for you, I’d be happy to. Just e-mail me at and request it, and I will respond usually within 24 hours with your reading. I will do this for free, because I enjoy it and also want to get the word out. However, if you would like to support me, you can purchase a reading HERE.

Many blessings to you!

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