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Kyle Talk KanugaThe best possible thing that you can do is to have a clearly stated goal or intention.

You state what you want, and then you chart yourself a course for getting there.

You make a plan.

And then as you go along, you can see each step of the way that you are getting closer to the goal.

I have been using this practice for years now, and being able to look at my plan and see where I have made progress, and also the next steps along the way, really helps.

You see, there was this day in my life when I just sort of “woke up,” and everything was wrong. Nothing in my life had turned out the way I had wanted it to.

And I couldn’t blame anyone but myself.

Well, you can blame other people and situations and circumstances if you so desire. That is a lot easier than taking the blame yourself, but you will find that as long as other people and circumstances are responsible for your life, your life won’t change.

It had taken me my entire life to reach that day. My habits, my patterns, my ways of doing things and perceiving things. And it had all gotten me right where I did not want to be.


I really like the word, “adjustment,” because this is exactly what is required of us.

We have to examine our lives and see what we would like to improve, and then we have to see and admit where we need to make adjustments.

New habits, new patterns, different ways of doing things and perceiving things.

And frankly, just because you decide one Sunday to tithe a tenth of your income that week does not mean that you will instantly win the lottery.

I realized that it had taken time to get me to where I was, and that it would take time to get me where I wanted to go.

This is when I saw how quickly I liked to point fingers and make excuses.

And this is when I had to stop doing that.

Adjustments had to be made, and they had to be made with me.

I did not get the instant gratification or relief that I desired so badly. But I did get the pleasure of knowing that I was doing something different. I was now headed in a different direction.

And soon, things did start changing. My life did start becoming more of the way I’d like for it to be.

Contemplate: Taking other people and circumstances entirely out of the picture, what are some adjustments that I need to make in my life?

To Remember: This life truly is about the journey. Not so much the destination. Pay attention to the little things. Paramahansa Yogananda said, “If you cannot manage one dollar well, you certainly cannot manage a million of them!”

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