In A Cabin Somewhere…


IMG_4333Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina there is a cabin. It is really dark, but the cabin is lit up and quite easy to find.

On the front screened in porch, Lesta Sue and Elizabeth sit in rockers, sharing their souls and obviously in a world of their own. They welcome me, but should get back to what they were sharing together.

Paula and Stephen too are engrossed in conversation.

In the other room there is wine and coffee and even some special ginger-ale that is said to cure most any ailment. There are crackers and nuts and Charlene has smoked salmon that is especially for Reverend Dale.

Bradley is here, and my Spirit sister Bunni says that I don’t have to pay her for her wonderful soap, but I happily will. (You should try it! Just click HERE)

Susan just emits her bright glowing light, and occasionally speaks, but the words are drown out by the light and vibration that is constantly flowing from her. (not that I don’t listen closely to you Susan)

Reverends Margaret and David are here, and the conversation is very animated. Heavy discussion is going on about different spiritual ideas and there are others here too…

Everyone is so alive!

Annette from Unity of Wilmington comes in with a friend, and thank goodness. Just the night before last, they were yelling at us to, “Be quite we are trying to sleep over here!”

Yes I had been involved… Charlene and I had burst out in the call and response song, “I am, I am, the Light, the Light, of God, of God…” and it had seemed like a really good idea at the time.

As Charlene said, “I could say I’m sorry but I’m really not.”

Reverend Dale and I go outside so that he can have his nightly cigar, and I fire up one of my organic cigarettes. Several others soon join us.

But even though this is our last night together, people start quietly excusing themselves to go back to their respective cabins. None of us slept much this week.

Charlene and I are the last of the outside smokers, and she tells me that the talk I gave last year in Myrtle Beach about my self-realization, jolted her into her own self-realization. We agree that everything is just already so perfect that it is easy to miss.

Back in my room it is now 2 a.m. but I will get up at 7 to pack and get my things together. It will be time to check out, get breakfast and then be in place for the closing ceremony.

This week was filled with so many beautiful Spirits from so many places, so much inspiration and enthusiasm, and so much genuine love.

It is a tough life living here in Heaven, but somebody has to do it!

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