If It Wasn’t For ________, I Don’t Know What I Would Do


Kyle Posi PromoLast night I had some kind of stomach bug and was up most of the night. So I slept late and got out of bed feeling like a 90-year-old in bad shape.

I got my coffee and made it to my garage office and began going through e-mails and such, and then took a look at my Facebook feed.

And there I am, a video of us playing music on Saturday. Then someone posted a video of Stevie Ray Vaughn, who is one of my biggest influences on guitar.

As poorly as I feel this morning, this thought went through my mind; “If it wasn’t for music, I don’t really know what I’d do.”

Then several other things popped into my mind. Names of people, a few different things that I enjoy… and the next thing I knew, it was becoming a gratitude list.

And not just one of those lists where you are writing down all the things that you have. It is a really powerful list.

This is the stuff… these are the people, that really make my life good. These are the things and the people in my life that I can turn to and depend on when having a tough day.

Sure, I think we all have a lot of stuff.

But it is so nice to become aware of the people in our lives and the particular things in our lives that really make a difference when we need it.

Today I am going to make sure I tell the important people in my life, how important they are. I am even going to tell my guitars how important they are to me. (No kidding, I am.)

Suddenly I am feeling a deep sense of appreciation. Gratitude.

Today may not turn out to be such a bad day after all!

Speaking of that, thank YOU for taking the time to read my blog and spend a couple of minutes with me. I appreciate YOU!!!

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