I Have What I Need Today


Kanuga 2017

My, what strange times we are living in.

This is unprecedented in our time. Even though doctor’s and scientists have told us for years that something like this would happen. “It is not a matter of, “if,” but a matter of, “when.”

Now that, “when” has arrived and it is NOW, our infrastructure is not prepared. Nobody is really prepared. And so it is a great shock to the system. A great shock to financial and business systems, but also a great shock to us as individual systems.

It seems that everything has changed. The world around us is shaken and nobody really knows how everything will play out.

And we have simply never seen anything like this before.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, is that, this is happening to everyone else too. 

And the other important thing to keep in mind is, “I have everything I need, to live and do today.” 

You see, these ideas and thoughts, “They are going to cut off my water and/or electricity!” “I am going to lose my house!” “What will become of my job?” “I can’t go visit my parent who is in the hospital or nursing home!” “Are we going to be able to keep getting food?” “If I can’t work then how do I make my car payment?” “If they take my car, then what do I do?” “Where will we end up?” “How does this go?”

Personally, opportunities have come up in my life that have allowed me to do some work during the day and earn some much needed money. People have been generous with me during my Wednesday night Facebook concert. My church is still offering services via livestream on Sunday’s. And so this has all been a big help to me financially, and also by helping me to stay busy.

Meanwhile, my wife’s art and photography business is gone. And our 12 year old daughter, along with all the other kids, now has to stay home and do home school online. It isn’t like you can send your kid to a day-care or a camp or anything. Right? Our usual 2-3 month summer is going to be more like 5-6 months this time. This is tricky.

And who really knows when things are going to go back to normal? When kids are in school, concerts are happening, the sports leagues come back?

And so here we are.

Today. Right here. Just as it is. Just as things are. Probably most of us feel a sense of anxiety. How could we not? Everything is unsettled.

And so now our meditation is of the utmost importance. Because we want to be as settled as we can be. As centered as we can be.

So this blog is just to check in with everyone out there. To let you know that you are not the only one this is happening to. And to let you know that we have what we need right now.

And this is always the key for me. To live in the now. Things are not going to be okay, things are okay right now! Find something constructive to do and focus on that.

Thank you for being the blessing that you are!

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