I Had a “Moment”


Today is my daughter’s first day of first grade and I’m a mess.

I had the honor of walking her into the classroom, and that went according to plan, but then daddy lost it a little. At least it was long after leaving school property and out of sight of my daughter, who already wants to look cool in front of the other kids.

My poor wife made an attempt to talk to me or console me, but there’s no consoling me right now. A mess is a mess.

What I notice though, is that I think I should be a mess. It is okay to be a mess. It is perfectly okay to feel this way and to cry and to be maybe a little touchy.

You would be surprised at how often I hear people say, “I know I shouldn’t be so upset”, or “I know I shouldn’t feel this way”, or “I know I should be able to handle things and be stronger”.  And maybe this is where we repress our feelings. When we think that we shouldn’t feel the way we feel, we try not to. We try to put on a mask and not show how we feel, and maybe this is exactly how the bag we carry around gets over-filled.

Allow yourself to be you.

Then we keep letting go and moving forward!Lily 1st grade


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