I Can’t Change You


kyle_ssi_010In working with others and giving spiritual counsel, the most important thing for me to remember is that I cannot change you, and I cannot “heal” you.

When you really want to change someone but you can’t, it can get really frustrating. But the work that is being done when people come for sessions with me is about THEM, not me.

I have done very well in not trying to change people because I have become aware of how perfect we are, even in our imperfections.

I also know that you are going to change.

Sometimes it seems like forever to us, and sometimes we want to change for years before it actually happens, but I know it is coming.

It is all a part of the process.

Looking at the “big picture” you will see there was a time when you wanted to start your habit that you now want to change. There was a time when you probably enjoyed it. As time went on you began to change your mind about it. Now you want to change, you want to lose a bad habit, or you want to let go of a deep resentment.

The moment you want to change, you are already changing. You are already in the process. The day will come when you will be free.

My job is to act as a guide. My job is to listen to you and repeat back to you what you have said to me. My job is to introduce you to new ways of looking at a situation.

Change can be painful for us, and my job is basically to be with you while you change. And believe me, it is already happening!

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