How You Feel About What You Feel


Did you know that you are probably feeling the way you are supposed to feel?

Working in spiritual counseling, energy healing, and life coaching, I get to talk to lots of people, and I talk to lots of people anyway, and generally I never hear anything that doesn’t make sense.

But we don’t like to feel afraid, or to grieve, or to feel uncomfortable.

And when we do feel anything other than good, and we don’t like it, we often think, “I shouldn’t feel this way,” or, “I should be better than this.”

An example of this from my own life is dealing with the loss of my mother this year. There is a part of me that tells me that, “You are a minister for God’s sake, get over it already!” At times I think that, “I really should be able to deal with death better than this.”

Then I look around me and see that I have been functioning and going to work and doing my work with clients, making it a point to spend quality time with my daughter, checking in on my father every day, working in the yard, and generally doing what is next on my plate.

But I don’t like grief. I don’t like the waves of sadness that will suddenly wash over me at unexpected times. I am just like you or anyone else, I want to feel good!

And so my first reaction is to deny the feeling or to immediately go into, “You’ve got to get over this, you are better than this” mode of thinking. And in doing this I am trying to get away from the feelings.

When we deny or repress or run from feelings, then what do they do? They get bigger and heavier.

Once while facilitating a meditation workshop, there was a girl who said, “I just cannot get quiet because when I do, I just feel so sad.”

So I asked her, “Well what is wrong with that? Why don’t you just feel sad? Why don’t you feel REALLY sad? Why don’t you move into the sadness?”

She sat there for a moment or two and then suddenly started laughing out loud.

The truth is that every part of your being is geared towards life, and love, and feeling good, and growing and bettering yourself and your life. So when something we don’t like happens, including our feelings, it is a natural reaction to turn away from it. 

We all do it.

However, since we are working with spiritual or Truth Principal’s here, when we realize that we are denying or running from negative or hurtful feelings, we can then stop the running and the denying and…

welcome them. Move into them.

Soon enough we may find ourselves laughing!

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