How Long Does It Take to Get Over It?

Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

This is a topic that has come up repeatedly of late.

People approach me with it, and it has been an issue in my own personal life too.

There was a divorce or a break-up, or someone passed away, and it has been a year now, or maybe two, and still you find yourself crying, or you find yourself in anger about it.

There really is no concrete answer for this.

It takes what it takes.

Each person deals with things differently, and so there is no real way to gage it. You cannot say for instance, “When someone dies, you should be over it in six months.”

Some people will get over it in six months, but some won’t.

Every situation is different. Each of us is different. And so that is just the way it is.

We lost a good family friend a year and a half ago, and some days I find myself crying about it. I look around, and everyone else who was involved in the situation, even her own family, seems to have moved on. Yet, some days I find myself crying again.

But we judge ourselves. We judge others.

We’ve all had that person in our lives at some point that we just want to stomp our foot down and look at them and say, “Get over it already, will you?”

Every time I find myself crying over our friend, I say it to myself. I ask myself, “What the heck man? Why can you not get over this?”

The one thing that I do know is that it will get better. It will pass. There may be things that will always bring tears to your eyes, but it will get better. The tears will come less and less.

And be okay with it. Be okay with it if there is something that is taking you a while to get over. Be okay with it if you have a friend who is having trouble getting over something.

Not long ago, I heard someone say, “We talk about it until we can talk about it without crying anymore.” And that really resonated with me.

It will take however long it takes. And however long it takes is okay.

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