How “Holistic” Can Help You!


IMG_2569In the holistic world, we look at the whole person. The entire unit of mind, body, and soul. It stands to reason that if one part of the unit is out of balance, this will have an effect on the other parts, and this is where we make the decision to either deal with the “effect”, or we make a decision to deal with the “cause”.

I love modern medicine. The things our doctor’s and scientists can do are other worldly to me. Think of the disease’s they have cured and just basically deleted! Yes, modern medicine is a good thing, and I am grateful for it. As a “holistic practitioner” though, I must point out that in many cases, our doctor’s job is to deal with the “effect”. Meanwhile, nothing is done about the “cause” of our condition.

Weather or not we want to face it and admit it, a lot of our physical problems are in fact, caused by our emotional problems. Migraines, high blood pressure, stomach and digestive ailments, and even muscle problems, can all be caused by our stress, our worries, or our seemingly lacking ability to properly care for our bodies.

Just yesterday I was talking with a man who has type 2 Diabetes. He shared with me that he had successfully changed his diet, and as a result, he has been able to stop taking medications that he had been taking. In other words, because he changed his diet, the Diabetes got better. I assured him that it can get even better. In fact, his Diabetes can go away completely.

The plain and simple truth is that many times, we make ourselves sick.

Do you know how rare it is for someone who has type 2 Diabetes to successfully change their diet and eating habits? It is very rare, because even though we know or suspect that we are causing our illness, we won’t change our behavior.

My grandfather was a diabetic and he took insulin shots every day. He was known for sneaking candy that he was not supposed to have. My uncle(his brother) or my grandmother would regularly find candy wrappers that he had hidden.

I have seen people with lung cancer turn off the oxygen to have a smoke.

Go to any buffet restaurant or any restaurant for that matter, and watch people who are over weight, eating too much food.

A friend of mine in Orlando told me recently, “You better be careful when you write about this holistic stuff, because some of these things are hereditary.” My response to that is that I am not a doctor. I have not been to medical school. However, it does not take a brain surgeon to see that in many cases, it is our own behaviors and habits that are the cause of our illness. There may very well be times when our illness is hereditary, but there are certainly times when we sure don’t do anything to help matters. A lot of the time, we bring on our illness.

Why do we do things that make us sick? Why can’t we stop doing these things even when we get sick? These are the questions that I am confronted with as a holistic practitioner.

The answer in part, is that we are “only human”. The answer in part is that so far, nobody has figured out how not to die. As the Buddha taught us, nothing in the world that you can see or perceive, is permanent. This includes us.

But then there is also the fact that even though we are “only human”, we want to grow. We feel an inner pull to be better, to treat ourselves better, and to not be the cause of our own illness. It is safe to say that we all wish we were better in certain area’s of our lives, and this I would say, is where the holistic approach comes in.

What is the actual cause of the behavior that is adding up to negativity in my life? Doctor’s can no doubt try and many times successfully treat your Diabetes or your migraine, or your high blood pressure, and keep you “under control”, but until you find the actual cause, you are stuck maintaining and managing illness.

Just so you know, the problem that we all have, the actual cause of any negativity in our lives, is at the soul level. We don’t like ourselves. If we liked ourselves, we would treat ourselves much better than we do.

From the soul level, we create our emotions and our thoughts, and these go on to create our behavior.

Funny as it may seem, in my eyes we are all on a spiritual path of awakening. Even those who consider themselves to be “un-spiritual” are on the path. You are a Spirit/Soul and so there really is no choice. If you are alive, which you are, you are at some level of consciousness.

If you have problems of any kind in your life, they may be financial or physical, or any kind of problem, I invite you to do as I do. Ask yourself, these questions; “Why am I doing this?” “What is the cause of this?”

Welcome to the “Holistic Realm”.

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