How Far Does “Mind Over Matter” Go?


I recently found myself having an conversation with my dad that somehow fell into the idea’s of spiritual healing and meditation.

My dad has always used a technique that we healers call “mirror work”, which is basically using positive affirmations while looking into your eyes in a mirror. He has always said to me, “Boy, every morning when I wake up I look myself in the mirror and say, “Ray I love you and we are gonna have a great day today!” I know also that he has his own way of meditating, or “going to my special place”, because he has talked with me a little bit about that before too.

Having grown up in a very rough mill village, he has had his share of challenges in life. Like most of us, he has had some demons outside of him to deal with, as well as a demon or two on the inside. He has done well for himself through the years, and I try to never under-estimate him. He’ll surprise you if you do that.

He told me about a guy he knew years ago, who could clear his mind and go into sort of a “trance” or “self-hypnosis”. This guy could mentally communicate with people, or “give people feelings” and my dad seemed as if he had been pretty impressed with this guy.

Then he told me that he’d met my mother for the first time at a carnival, and that my mother was with a group who had a chaperone’. “So we really didn’t get to talk much” he said. But a few weeks later, he was at a high school football game and he was walking the sidelines, engrossed in the game, when suddenly he felt something on the back of his neck. “Boy, I turned around and looked up in the stands behind me and there was your mama staring right dead at me!”

I guess that like the man my dad told me about, my mother can get your attention too, if she so desires.

My dad did indeed agree that our mental and emotional state has a direct effect on our physical health. In fact, he wasn’t agreeing with me, he said it his own self. “But”, he said, “Mind over matter will only get you so far, and then that’s it.”

I agree with him on that point. How can I not, when we have yet to accomplish it? I guess in that regard, when we figure out how to mentally enter the Universal Conscious and pull down the winning power ball numbers, or when we use our minds to re-generate our bodies and we don’t die, then I would change my mind.

But not so fast!

While seeing the seeming limits of “Mind Over Matter”, I also see what great things we are capable of, once we know how to use the mind. Not only in myself, but in people all around me, I see that we are stronger than we think. We can do more and go further than we think. Especially as I become a part of a group of people who are all supporting each other and working together, this becomes more and more apparent. We can grow, we can change, we can accomplish our goals, deal with our demons, and as in cases like myself, get to experience life as I never imagined it.

I have used “Mind Over Matter” and it has worked to improve my life in numerous ways. So … I shall continue to use it until that day when it seemingly doesn’t work anymore.

kyle_ssi_009Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker, currently residing in Savannah Georgia. To schedule your phone/Skype or in-office session, OR to invite Kyle to your metaphysical church or yoga center, please call 912-495-8520 or e-mail

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