How Easy Can It Be?


IMG_2569Getting used to life with no stress, anxiety, and drama can be a bit boring at first. It can also be that we are grieving our old way of living. I mean, we have been controlling the entire world, or trying to. Now we have let go of what we used to spend most of our energy on.

What we know and have known feels normal. What is new does not. It feels strange. It doesn’t seem as if it fits. Often, people tell me that “It feels like I just don’t care”. And I know that feeling well. It was so strange to look at a situation that I could do absolutely nothing about, and honestly just delete it.

You can really do it, even though it may seem impossible. It takes work, it takes practice, it takes trial and error, but it can be done. Frequently I see two different people who are going through a very similar situation, but their responses are very different. One person may be just fine, almost as if nothing is really happening, while another person may be overcome with stress and anxiety to the point of shutting down.

This plainly tells us that we manufacture our own stress and anxiety, and that means that we can learn to stop doing that.

So now what?

It gets easier. You get used to it, and though you will most likely go through a period of feeling “bored” or as if you don’t care, this will pass and you will soon find yourself immersed and busier than you ever imagined. And without all the stress and drama.

Why? Because your time and attention and energy are going to be on things that you can do something about. You are going to have a plan with simple easy steps to follow.

Instead of hating my life, I began to wake up thinking, “Hey, maybe this isn’t so bad after all!” Instead of waking up in dread, I began to wake up with a little excitement. Now it didn’t feel as if I was just being dragged by the horse anymore. I found myself looking forward to things again. There is more to life than what I had previously thought. There is so much more than what I used to be aware of.

And yes, it can be very easy.

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