Honesty Is The First Step In Healing


Honesty is the key to healing. I would personally never even thought that honesty would have anything whatsoever to do with healing, but it is the most important ingredient of all! Many times when we are dishonest, we tell ourselves that we aren’t being dishonest, because we have a good reason to do what we are doing. It is easy to just think that since we have reasons for our actions, that we aren’t dishonest, but this is far from true. When rationalizing, justifying, and defending, we are in “dishonest energy”, and any time we see any of these symptoms, we know what the reality is: We are being dishonest.

A person who is dishonest does not feel good about themselves. Even if you have rationalized your actions, you will not be feeling good about yourself. Being on the defensive is being a victim, having your actions caused by other people, instead of yourself, and this won’t do if we seek to heal ourselves.

If you can take a look at your life, and find area’s where you can be more honest, you will begin to feel better instantly. It feels good to not be a victim, to not have to defend our position, and it takes a lot less energy too.

Many blessings!



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