Home and Inspired


Just returned from a spiritual retreat in North Carolina, and it was yet another beautiful life experience.

It feels a little like cheating because at a retreat, everyone is happy and polite. Everyone is all about the love and you get so much encouragement and inspiration, and best of all, people say, “You can do it and I see your power and I believe in you!

Enter the real world.

And I am bound and determined to bring the retreat back home to be a part of the real world.

It is always my goal to inspire, to be cheerful, and to be a positive force in the world, but sometimes we all (yes, even me) need to stop and get some gas.

Savannah Kanuga 2014Kanuga 2014 with Stephen Caywood, Becky Barbee, Mimi Guy Mendrela, and the Reverend Dale Worley. Yours truly in the middle. 

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